How to Prepare for your Massage Session – Written By Vanessa Ragains


After working with hundreds of different types of clients with different muscle tissue, I have found that folks who stay hydrated regularly, and stretch before and after their workouts receive the most benefits from regular massage. By regular massage, I mean once a month at the least!  If you are new to receiving massage or you are receiving regular sessions, read on to see if you are doing all you can to prepare your body for your massage session. Whether you receive short corporate massage sessions or full 60, 90, or 120 minutes sessions, this information may give you a different perspective on how your body may be responding to bodywork.

H2O – It is extra important to be hydrated before receiving a massage session. Why? It’s the same reason you hydrate before an athletic event! If your muscle tissue is dehydrated during a session, then you may experience more discomfort afterward. It is much easier releasing toxins with fluid muscle tissue to assist the lymphatic system so it can eliminate them out of the body. You have to support this process in order to receive the full benefit of a Massage.

Stretch – Why Stretch before a massage you ask? C’mon Vanessa, isn’t that what getting a massage is for? Yes, massage can increase the range of motion in joints and muscle tissue, however if the client has stretched prior to the session, the muscle tissue will be more pliable. This will allow the therapist to move along to other problem areas and being able to utilize the time more efficiently.

Read the difference between Stretching vs. using a Foam Roller HERE! 

Foam Roller – It may sound silly, but using the foam roller is very beneficial before a massage. The reason is that it will begin the process of breaking up the fascia and knotted muscle fiber spindles to allow the muscle to release with ease during your session. It also can decrease the discomfort with getting them worked out completely. Get started by using my Foam Roller Mini Workshop HERE!

Hygiene – Let me explain. I am not saying to arrive at your massage session fully groomed. Usually with a massage you understand that your hair is going to have lotion or oil in it depending on what the therapist uses. So not having freshly shampooed hair is completely acceptable, in my opinion. I call taking a shower without washing your hair a “Body Shower”. You will feel much more comfortable and will be able to relax easier if you at least take a body shower before your massage.

Punctuality – When you arrive for your massage session it is best to come as prepared as possible. Like, drinking plenty of water the day before and day of, to hydrate the muscle tissue and all the suggestions above. Most importantly, try not be in a rushed state before your massage. If you are flustered while waiting to be called back with your therapist, it will take you a longer period of time to reach that point of relaxation that comes with receiving Massage therapy. So do yourself a solid, and choose 2 of these to start with, and then book yourself a massage!

I LOVE YOUR QUESTIONS!! Please feel free to ask me a question or comment about what you read today. Looking forward to hearing from radical Folks like yourself!