July 10 2015 07:25:07 PMBLOG – 5 Outdoor exercises – By Vanessa Ragains

There is something about enjoying the beautiful outdoors when getting your workout on! Back in 2012, I received my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training certification and began hosting classes outside. My students and I both LOVED this because of the fresh air and natural sounds of nature. In fact, I have always enjoyed doing exercise, of any sort outside versus a gym. I can’t stand the treadmill simply because it doesn’t feel like I am accomplishing anything. Running outside, however, you can literally see your progress and the view is way better than mirrors and multiple televisions! Now lets breakdown 5 different activities to mix up your exercise routine.
1) Hiking
I just love a challenging hike! The view is motivation and it mimics working your way to goals that you set for your career, family, or financially. Literally, step-by-step, you work your way to the magnificent view, or maybe it is the distance that is the goal. One of my favorite singers, Gwen Stefani, sings a song, The Climb, with her band, No Doubt! The lyrics write a story about climbing to the very top, the struggles of possibly failing, and to keep your focus on the goal. There is this awesome app called All Trails. It shows you trails nearby, reviews from folks who have hiked the trail, and you can save your favorite trails in your account. Best part is this hand app is FREE!! You can upgrade the app for 29.99/year to get benefits like National Geographic maps, have offline access to your app, edit the maps, and print out your desires trails. Let the adventures begin!
2) Stand-up Paddleboard
If you have been following my posts, you may notice my Love for Stand-up Paddleboarding. After my Yoga Teacher training was complete I received my SUP/Yoga certification, bought my own board, and began hosting SUP classes in Half Moon Bay. Most folks just paddle, but you can do Yoga and fitness classes on the board. Is it more challenging? Absolutely! It is worth giving a try. Many people fear of falling in the water. Most first-time students surprise themselves and get hooked just like I did! If you are near Half Moon bay and would like to set-up a class please visit my website to reserve your spot here! If you are not nearby, now worries! I created a list for You so that you come to class prepared. Check out my Come Prepared for SUP Instructions. Also, Take a look at the 5 Reasons to Try Stand-up Paddleboarding post to read why SUP is one of my favorite outdoor exercises.
3) Surfing                                                                                                             Cowabunga DUDE!
I took my very first lesson in Pacifica, CA. It has always been a goal of mine to learn how to surf. Of course, I was hooked after catching my first wave. Every day after that, I would take my board out to mimic what the instructor told me to do to prepare for the wave. If I was unable to go out, I eagerly watched the pros on their boards, how they patiently waited for the best wave, and how they seamlessly popped up to ride it out. My favorite time of day to surf is during sunset. The colors in the sky change to deep oranges, reds, and yellows which turn the water into a dark gray color. I was introduced to an app called Surfline. You can use it on any device, save your favorite locations and set alerts of when the best waves are coming you way! There is even a waterproof watch that you can purchase so that you know exactly when to leave work early to Surf! The Nixon surf watches come in an array of colors and designs to choose from. I look forward to investing in this handy-dandy tool very soon!
4) Bike Riding
Depending on your commute, you can pick a couple days to ride your bike instead of driving. I always chuckle at the fact that when I am riding a slow and steady pace I literally beat folks home since they may be stuck at a stop sign, or waiting for pedestrians to cross.
If your commute does not allow you to Bike you can always find a nice trail instead! In the Bay Area there are numerous trails that are fun to try. I enjoy biking the bay trail along the water. This trail has beautiful views of the 92 bridge, you can watch the airplanes as they prepare to land at the airport, and if you pack a lunch for yourself you can take a nice break at the picnic tables along the entire Bay Trail. Whenever I have the chance, I will take Caltrain to bike along the Embarcadero. The bike lane is extra large, you can see all the piers, and again the views of Alcatraz, Golden gate, and the Bay bridge are all magnificent structures that you can stop and admire along the way.
5) Yoga
Have you ever participated in a Yoga class that was held outside? Imagine a beautiful view of the ocean or being surrounded by trees while you engage in your Yoga practice. I have to say that teaching my Yoga classes outside is my all-time favorite environment to teach in. The fresh air, maybe a slight breeze, and the warm sunshine to really bring your practice to life. My students look forward to our classes that are held outdoors. I love the natural sounds of a gentle breeze through the trees while the birds sing-a-long! Practicing Yoga outside is a must. So grab your mat, invite your friends to experience Yoga outdoors. I would also like to invite you to read my posts about the different types of Yoga to decide which is right for You. I explain the differences between Hatha, Vinyasa, and Bikram! If you do not have your own Yoga mat, be sure to read Why to Invest in a Solid Yoga Mat.
These are my favorite ways to exercise! What are your favorite outdoor exercises? Please share in the comment section!
I LOVE YOUR QUESTIONS!! Please feel free to ask me a question or comment about what you read today. Looking forward to hearing from radical Folks like yourself!