5 Reasons for choosing Massage Therapy as a Career – By Vanessa Ragains

Honestly, I had no idea what I was destined to do for a career. I did know, however, that I could not sit at a computer for 8 hours every single day! Yikes!
With my past experiences, I was leaning towards working with adolescents. That age interested me because we go through so many life changes that really help define our future. With the struggles I went through, my desire to support them in life was important to me. My attempt with junior college was unsuccessful and just landed me in a mindset of being  unhappy and unfulfilled.
Now, what?!?
After 2 months in, I decided to quit my classes and focus on myself, research options and schools I could attend with programs that did not require years of school. That just is NOT for me. Commercials for medical assisting and massage therapy at Bryman and Maric college flooded the 11-2 o’clock hours every afternoon encouraging young adults, like me, to just call to see how easy it is to start your career!
That is what I was after, right? A Career and finding what I am passionate about?
I made the call to Maric College in Pomona, CA. (Currently, Kaplan Career College) I had an interview that day. There was a tour, a test, and a serious chat about my goals were. We discussed at length who was going to support me through my education, how I was going to pay back my loan, and how much time I was willing to commit to accomplishing my goals. After hearing about all of their course options, Massage Therapy sounded right up my ally. In this career path, I envisioned making people feel more relaxed, possibly running my own business… Little did I know that my decision to make that call to Maric, was going to send me down a path full of adventures, experiences, and opportunities that I would never have even imagined could come to be.
Massage Therapy clicked with me on the very first day of class! It was exciting to feel like “I GET THIS!” instead of feeling the dread that comes with not being confident in the learning process of certain subjects. Physiology and Anatomy were intimidating at first, but then when you are being instructed by actual Massage Therapists who have “been there, done that” you can guarantee you will receive impeccable training!
Reason #1: 4-years of college is not for you
Let’s face it, sometimes dedicating 4 years to a degree may not be for you. It certainly was not the path I wanted to endure. Don’t think that a 9-month 720-hour Massage Therapy program wasn’t tough! The hard-work and dedication I put into my education has paid off for me. During my journey, I have taken numerous courses that I felt would increase my knowledge in the field. One of my other goals in life is to travel and see this beautiful world. Luckily, in the Massage world many modalities came from different cultures/countries. This makes the perfect opportunity to do some traveling  to learn a new modality. For example, why not go to Thailand to learn Thai Massage where it was originally practiced? Guess what is even groovier? ITS A WRITE OFF! More on that later…
Reason #2: Enjoy working with people
As a massage therapist, I have worked with all sorts of folks. From traveling business executives to stay-at-home moms! It’s been an awesome journey, but you MUST enjoy working with people in general. Your passion has to be about making your clients feel better from the inside out. Keeping up with the new modalities to create your own style. This leads us to Reason #3.
Reason #3: Self-Motivated
When Massage therapy is truly your passion, you are eager to learn more about the field. My massage insurance ABMP provides CMT’s with a free hosted website, webinars, important documents like client intake forms that we need in order to get started with our businesses. They have brochures you can use as resources for your new clients on how Massage will benefit them on a regular basis. These awesome tools to help get you started. I took it to the next level and decided to begin taking courses that would support me in marketing my business on my own. I read a ton of articles on marketing, managing, accounting, and what he best way to get the word out on what you are building! Honestly, you have to teach yourself how to run your massage business.
Reason #4: Massage Therapy Career Opportunities
Opportunities when working for someone else:
  • Marketing is done for you
  • Scheduling is done for you
  • Set work schedule
  • Equipment, sheets, lotion is provided
  • Massage Envy (easy transfer if you move away from the area)
  • Athletic Clubs
  • Medical Spas
  • Working with Chiropractors
  • Working on a Cruise ship
Before launching Be Mobile Wellness, I worked in several different environments. My favorite place to work was at the Athletic Club. I enjoyed the ease of being an employee; insurance, consistent pay, consistent schedule, and having access to this amazing facility. Each opportunity working for someone has prepared me for being my own boss. The only thing I regret was not moving forward with working on a cruise line. That would have been such a wonderful experience!
Opportunities when you become your own Boss: 
  • Make your own Schedule (YOU choose when to work)
  • Work-cation: When clients bring you on their vacations
  • Travel to learn a new modality
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Endless ways to make money; Additional Bodywork classes, become a certified Yoga Instructor, create an online store, as you grow consider building a team of dedicated Massage therapists who value the work just like you do!
These opportunities are within you reach! I had no clue that Be Mobile Wellness would take off like it did. Find something that is unique and folks can relate to. They need your service! How do you provide a unique service for your clients? Even if it is taking a little bit of time after their session to go over some stretches or how to use a foam roller will make your session stand out because you prove how much you enjoy working with people. (Reason #2)
Reason #5: Make your own rules
I am a huge believer in creating your ideal life. There are steps and planning that needs to take place. Ask yourself where you want to take your career. Are you satisfied with working for a Medical Spa or an Athletic spa? There are many perks to doing so in Reason #4. If not, you may crave the dedication it takes to running your own show and make your own rules!
Making the decision to leave the Athletic spa where I was comfortable, fully booked schedule, and access to a beautiful gym, was one of the hardest decisions I have made in my life. I knew myself well enough that if I did not take this leap that I would live in regret, and I could NOT do that to myself. I communicated my plan to my side clients and had their support the whole way through. My Chiropractor even offered me a job with her business if I found myself in a tricky situation. It is not 2 and a half years in and I have two awesome Team members and a dedicated Virtual Assistant. You can read more on how I got Be Mobile Wellness off the ground here!
I hope that this post encourages you to consider an adventurous career in Massage Therapy. The opportunities are out there if you do the work! I will share more on the tools I use to run my business in future posts.
I LOVE YOUR QUESTIONS!! Please feel free to ask me a question or comment about what you read today. Looking forward to hearing from radical Folks like yourself!

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