My Blissful Wanderlust experience! – By Vanessa Ragains

This is a bonus Blog that I wanted to share with you about my recent experience at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Squaw Valley, CA.

For 3 years, I heard how awesome the Wanderlust Yoga festival was. The experiences of blissful Yoga classes, Workshops, outdoor hikes, and speakers who share how making Yoga a part of their daily lives has changed their outlook on life.

This year, I decided it was my turn to experience this festival and see what it could bring into my already rockin’ world! So, a dear friend and I decided to sign-up for 2 out of the 4 days. We anxiously registered so that we could fill our schedules with awe-inspiring yoga classes, workshops, and hikes. You can sign up for 4 classes per day.

We drove up on Thursday to Squaw Valley from the Bay area. It was a beautiful drive and we quickly unpacked so we could review our schedules for the next couple of days.

Friday, July 17, 2015: Enjoyed an awesome breakfast of Avocado toast with an egg, and a refreshing Cold Brew made with love by Mtn Roots Food Truck. After refueling, we followed a hiking path, took a few pictures, and then headed off separately to our first class of the festival. Mine was a Yon Yoga class. Even though I am a Yoga Instructor, I have never taught a Yin class or participated in one. Yin Yoga is super challenging. We held each pose for about 3 minutes each while concentrating on our breathing. I was hooked after the class was complete!

I headed up the Gondola towards my next class, which was for Yoga Instructors. Gina Caputo discussed the topic on how to instruct more effectively by not shaming students in certain poses, and how to support a student who may need a different variation. She was spunky, quirky, and fun in sharing some of her experiences with teaching. Her humor made everyone open to asking her advice on situations they have encountered.

After I was complete with my classes, I decided to check out the awesome vendors and see what products they were selling! An array of clothing attire, from leggings, tanks, hats, and dresses. I took a mental note on which vendors I would revisit the next day during my break in-between classes.

Saturday, July 18, 2015:
 I am a creature of habit and enjoyed the same breakfast I had yesterday. This was in order to prepare my body for the first class of the day hosted by Seane Corn! She is very well-known in the yoga industry. Her classes are Vinyasa flow, but we practice incorporating our breath with each pose. It was one of my favorite classes I have ver taken. I also got the opportunity to meet Seane and get a picture with her.

I had quite a break before after my first class. So, as promised, I explored the vendors I made mental notes about the previous day. I purchased two pairs of Yoga pants, 21 Drops daily kit, Coffee beans to support Tres Santos in building a sustainable community for residents and visitors, a beautiful set of Mala beads from Silver and Sage, awesome organic face wash from Om Botanicals, a Wanderlust hat, a Yoga towel made from plastic bags from Nomadix, and a new pair of Sanuk Flip-flops.

After my shopping, I was excited to head to my Meditation class with Elias. I was late but was able to attend and participate in the class. It was awesome!!! I was concerned that we were going to sit for 30 full minutes. This is where I find meditation to be a bit challenging. This class started with certain asanas to prepare your body for sitting for a long time. After, we found a comfy seated position and worked with our breath. We ended in Shavasana to close out the class.

Last class was another Vinyasa flow. It was beautiful at the top of the Gondola and seeing the magnificent Lake Tahoe. Here, we took some pictures on the edge of a lookout station at the top of Squaw Valley. At first, I was terrified and was literally shaking as I took my place on the ledge to try two Asanas.


Overall, I had an incredible experience and WILL be signing up for all 4 days in 2016. Wanderlust has NOT seen the last of me. They have Volunteer opportunities which seem like that is something I would LOVE to do. If you are interested in attending a Wanderlust Festival, please visit their website: WANDERLUST FESTIVAL


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