What type of Yoga is right for You? Part 1: Breakdown of Hatha Yoga – By Vanessa Ragains

The Breakdown:

Hatha  Ha- means Sun, Tha- means Moon

Origin – Ancient India

Being one of the more common types of Yoga, Hatha Yoga is only one branch of Yoga and was known for its Asanas (postures) that were used for physical exercises. With consistency, your body will allow for more challenging poses that you will be able to hold for extended periods of time. This leads us into the  discussion about the 8 Limbs of Yoga. See the Breakdown diagram to the right.

8 Limbs of Yoga
8 Limbs of Yoga

These are basically a path that one would use as a guideline for living this life. By following this path, you would live a more meaningful life experience.  Choosing this way of life requires much discipline that few can master.

The Hatha Practice: Hatha Yoga is slower movement while transitioning into another asana or posture. (As you concentrate you will progress to asanas such as headstands, and more complex arm balancing postures, which are reversed asanas.) Here we concentrate on the breath as we begin to deepen our practice or deepen the pose. Each pose is held longer to find the proper alignment as muscles begin to realign their position in the body. For example, I will cue a student to point/aim their knee towards their pinky toe during Warrior I. Correcting the posture also brings awareness to the students body as they feel how that shift activates the Gluts to work differently. This practice is excellent for beginners or folks who appreciate the gentler approach to practicing Yoga.

My Opinion: I have been teaching this style of Yoga for 2 years. My teaching style supports all levels. When I chose to become a Yoga Instructor, I had only been practicing for a short time. After the training, I just wanted to show everyone that they could participate in Yoga at any level, no limitations, No excuses.

Yoga changed my life in many ways; 1) My massage sessions were improving. I felt different (not so tired) after a longer day. And my body mechanics were a huge reason for not fatiguing as quickly. 2) It gave me a new outlook on how I wanted to live my life! I wanted to be healthy in my body, mind, and spirit. Last but not least, 3) When I was practicing yoga on my own, it became a way for me to step back from my life and pause. As I am writing this, I must express that this is still very challenging for me, but I feel immensely energized when I take the time to pause, for me!

I encourage each of you to find a style of Yoga that fits your lifestyle and needs. During the next couple weeks, we will be discussing other types of Yoga. Don’t miss the Break-Down here on the Be Mobile Wellness Blog! Here is a full 60-minute video of my teaching style. Let me know what you think!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my blog. My hope is this will guide you on your way to bringing a personal yoga practice into your routine.

I LOVE YOUR QUESTIONS!! Please feel free to ask me a question or comment about what you read today. Looking forward to hearing from radical Folks like yourself!


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