5 Healthy Breakfasts to fuel your day! – By Vanessa Ragains

Hello and welcome back! Last week we had a chat about the importance of choosing a solid Yoga mat. I hope that you find that article useful when purchasing your next Yoga mat for your practice. 

This week I want to discuss one of my favorite things: Breakfast! I just love breakfast and it is my favorite meal of the day, no doubt.

First, I want to make clear how very important it is to eat a balanced breakfast each day. I know a few folks who skip this meal and I think its a shame. WHY? Breakfast is the most important meal of YOUR day. It is the nutrients your body uses to kick-start your metabolism rhythms. This is crucial for blood sugar to stay level so that you won’t fall into becoming, as some folks like to call it, HANGRY.

Have you heard of this term?

It means that you become irritated and angry due to the simple fact of not eating, usually from skipping my favorite meal. To avoid this try one of the following breakfast ideas:

Oatmeal Ideas pic

1) Plain ol’ Oatmeal – Choosing a bowl of Oatmeal for breafast allows for many varieties of toppings. I personally enjoy berries, agave (small amount, of course), coconut chips, granola, instead of purchasing the packets that have LOADS of added sugars. I use 1/2 cup of oatmeal and inbetween 1/2 – 3/4 cup of hot water. This depends on how you enjoy your oatmeal, of course!

Oatmeal Recipes: Getting creative with your oatmeal is easy and fun! Check out this awesome article about the many ways to make Oatmeal!

Snapshot-2013-02-14-08-57-582) Healthy Egg Scramble – Another creative breakfast is making an egg scramble. Anyone can make this tasty meal! I scramble my eggs in a large pan, then place them to one side and add spinach, which I saute. You can add asparagus, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, practically any veggie you would like!

Egg Scramble Ideas: Avocado Egg Scrable, Tex/Mex Style, Veggie Scramble, just to get your wheels turning.

2b2dfa83450c21032aac898187d7968a3) Greek Yogurt Parfaits: Using plain Greek yogurt and adding your choice of fruit with crunchy granola is an excellent way to start your day off right! You can even purchase awesome parfait cups that keep the granola and yogurt/fruit combo separate until you are ready to enjoy it.

Recipe Ideas: I typically use strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. I place yogurt in the bottom of my parfait cup, then put a layer of the berries, and repeat to the top of the cup. I would like to suggest that you use seasonal fruit. Use the guide to the right to choose seasonal fruits for your parfaits. Granolas can be purchased in all combinations. I prefer whole grain oats where you can see the individual oats. This is a good indication that these are less processed then the oatmeal clusters you see in many granola choices. IMG_2992

4) Avocado with Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese – I just love avocados! They can be a great way to receive “good fats” in the morning. Recently, I discovered sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese. This combo is unique and is a quick breakfast to put together. DELICIOUS!

5) Whole Fruit Smoothies – I invested in a VitaMix, and believe it isa tool for Vitamixmany wonderful meals you can

blend up in a jiffy! One of my favorites is making whole fruit smoothies. Here is an article on 10 smoothie blends you can use today! I love how you can also add spinach, or mint to the smoothies for extra flavor or nutrients.

I hope you enjoyed this post to support you in your efforts to eating Healthy breakfasts each day. Your body will certainly thank-you for it!

If you have any questions or other ideas on healthy and easy breakfast, please leave a comment below. Feel free to share and follow!

Thank-you for taking the time to indulge in my Blog

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