Massage Business Challenges and how they become Rewards! PART 3 – By Vanessa Ragains

Last week we discussed one of my favorite topics: Social Media MARKETING! This can be quite challenging, but once you get your “groove” as I like to call it, you can plan out each week with ease.

This week I want to touch base on another limb of Marketing: EMAIL MARKETING. To me, this is not as challenging so we can also touch upon another topic that can be a bit of a headache if you don’t know where to turn: ACCOUNTING!

Social Media Marketing

Challenge #4 Email Marketing: First, you need an business email. I used my personal email but this method did not work. My Biz email was purchased through my site, and looks professional: Once this is established, you are ready to take on Email Marketing!

Let’s break this down. There are many email marketing tools for you to use. I have used both Mail Chimp and Constant Contact. Mail chimp is a clean dashboard with simple templates that are customary to your specific needs, whereas Constant Contact has plenty of templates you can use to add your personal information to.

Mail Chimp: Easy, FREE (up to 2,000) subscribers, Mobile Apps, you create each email.

Constant Contact: Paid accounts only (ABMP members get a discount!), plenty of templates for making emails in a snap, Mobile Apps

Your decision should be based on the frequency of your emails, and whether or not you want to pay for your plan or stick with a free version. Again, I have done both! Each tool allows you to schedule emails in advance, and to different lists. For example, I have a separate list for my Corporate businesses and Private clients. I also have a list for those contacts only wanting updates on my Classes & Workshops that I offer. You can even have one for Family emails for Holiday get-to-gethers, just a quick thought!

Since my business is all Mobile I have really enjoyed the ability to create a simple email on my phone and be able to send it out when I don’t have access to my computer. PHEW! This has saved me on numerous occasions when I forgot about a particular event and needing to send an email immediately!

Reward: YOU LOOK PROFESSIONAL! This is the goal, right? Creating a visual (no pun intended) with an email that your clients receive in their inbox is an outstanding way of communicating news and updates about your business. Clients will enjoy hearing you have a new blog post ready for them to read, or that you will be hosting an event nearby! Any way to reach out to your clients with your awesome emails is a fantastic way to market your business. PLUS, you can always add a “Forward to a Friend” button so that your clients can do the marketing for you without too much foot-work. I promise, they will be happy to send your information to their family and friends.

More Clients = More $$$ = HAPPY CMT!

Challenge #5 Accounting: Currently, I have started to listen to Podcasts. This has been a way for me to learn on the go! I was struggling with certain aspects of my Biz, and while I was listening to this “Being Boss”, the host gave me (the listener) some homework. I was to make a list of ALL tasks that were used to run Be Mobile Wellness. Then mark the ones you dread doing on a regular basis. THIS WAS EASY: ACCOUNTING! Accounting was the one task that I absolutely dreaded above all tasks. YIKES!

WAVE Apps: This is a free service that is completely AWESOME! You add your bank account, and credit cards to your account. You then can categorize each expense and viola, you have your accounting organized. This is an excellent starting tool. Wave provides some simple apps you can use from your phone. For example, you can take a picture of your receipt and it will automatically be sent to your account so that you can categorize it later. There is an Invoice app that allows you to make a quick Invoice on the go and send it out! Lastly, Wave has partnered with Strip so that you can offer your clients to use their Credit Cards for purchases. You can also invite your Tax professional to see your account so they can prepare your taxes!

BENCH: If you have the funds and are ready for an upgrade in Accounting, then I highly suggest that you invest in BENCH. This tool basically has a professional accountant oversee your income statements and provide you with a profit/loss statement. This makes taxes a breeze since you can invite your accountant to check your numbers come Tax Season. Once my business was growing rapidly and purchases were becoming tedious in figuring out whether or not it will be considered a write off, I decided to make this easier on myself with Bench Accounting. Plus, you receive your fist month for free so that you can determine if it is a good fit for your business.

Reward: Feeling confident in your Business and not getting into Tax trouble! I have heard of so many Folks not getting this part of their business down properly and dealing with  many penalties due to their lack of knowledge in this particular area. DON’T BE THAT PERSON! These are two wonderful tools that provide you with peace of mind come Tax Season. Do your research and make the right decision for your business. Let someone, like the FABULOUS staff at Bench clear this daunting task off of your to-do list so you can pay attention to what you love: MASSAGE!

This was another major topic on Massage Business Challenges. I hope that this information was useful to you. If you have any questions or would like to submit a topic you would be interested in reading about, please leave a comment below.

Thank-you for your time, Cheers!

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