Massage Business Challenges and how they become Rewards! PART 2 – By Vanessa Ragains

Welcome back!

Last week we discussed the challenge of working long hours and hiring. I hope you found the reward section following each challenge supportive for your business.

This week we will cover how to use Social Media to market yourself as a Massage Therapist. I feel this is a BIG challenge but has HUGE reward so we will only focus on Challenge #3 this week.

Social Media Marketing

Challenge #3 Social Media Marketing: We all know that this topic is not covered in depth during our Massage Therapy program. For it is not why we chose this career. The importance of marketing is essential when running any type of business. My first year of being my own boss was incredibly difficult. I had no clue where to begin! But here is what I have learned:

1) Website: There is no other way to say this: YOU HAVE TO HAVE A WEBSITE! This is your main focus, your identity in the Social media world. Your goal? To receive more traffic to your site using social media tools!  There are many option for hosting a website. I am currently using They have wonderful layouts and plenty of add-ons to make your website stand out from the rest. W

2) Social Media: Depending on what kind of business you are operating, determines which Social Media sites are going to get your message across loud and clear to your audience!

Let’s begin with LinkedIn. This platform is basically a digital resume where you can share all of your experience. Many recruiters use this tool to search for potential hires or to connect with Folks within a certain realm. How do you get connections? Start searching for like-minded people, join a few groups on LinkedIn. Read articles about marketing that have been posted by successful entrepreneurs such as Robert Scoble, I personally follow many Massage and Yoga groups where I can participate in a discussion, share my opinion, or strike up my own topic of conversation. This allows your community to connect with you on common interests. You can also offer insight or knowledge in a particular area that may support someone and then, the connection ripple effect occurs. Here is  my LinkedIn profile.

Good ol’ Facebook is probably the most popular social media platform used today! If you have a personal profile and a business, create a Facebook page dedicated to your business. Include a cover photo that shows viewers what you are all about! I use my logo for the profile picture, but if it is JUST you, you can use a headshot or a photo showing you in action at work! A Facebook page is a wonderful tool as it offers apps that can integrate with your page. For example, I have linked my MindBody Schedule, Constant Contact Sign-up tool, and my Shopify store on my Facebook page. This makes accessing this information accommodating to how my audience may want to interact with Be Mobile Wellness. Check out my Be Mobile Wellness Facebook Page.

Twitter is a platform that I am very new to. This is a more challenging way to market yourself because of the text restrictions. Depending on your knowledge in marketing, too many hashtags may keep the followers away. You can begin searching and following companies, brands, and people you are interested in. I have enjoyed using this tool for communicating to a business or giving a (high-five) virtually if I had an AWESOME experience.  Twitter is an excellent marketing tool to use consistently. My personal Twitter page is starting to gain traction.

3) Marketing Tools: Putting it all together can be tricky, but not to worry! There are plenty of marketing tools just waiting to support your marketing needs. Two of my favorite apps are Hootsuite & Buffer. Both of these apps allow you to schedule your posts to multiple social media profiles at once! They even provide you with suggestions based on topics your business is related too! There are FREE versions and paid versions. I say if you are just starting out, that it is just fine to use their FREE version. Once you gain traction, I highly recommend investing in the paid versions to extend your marketing reach. These allow you to add the group pages that you choose to post to in order to increase your tribe.

Reward: During the last 2 years, I have taken initiative to teach myself how to market my business. The suggestions above have come from articles that I have found, books, and asking as many questions as I can to get the answers to having a successful marketing plan. I believe very strongly that we are responsible for our own success. I have read 2 books on Marketing; “The Zen of Social Media Marketing” by @Shama, and “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” By Gary Vaynerchuck. Both quick reads chalk full of simple information that I have used to organize my Social Media marketing. This, like everything worth doing, takes a bit of time to gain traction, but when done properly, it will support the growth of your business.

Here is an idea how I have taken what I have learned and put into action:

1) Decided to purchase a Monthly/Weekly paper calendar and colored pens

2) Schedule all social media posts, email, and events (Love Color-coded ANYTHING!)

3) Then I take that content, organize and schedule each post it on Buffer and/or Hootsuite each week. I decided to only schedule 1 week at a time. Its easier to handle and if an event is canceled then it not an entire months worth of scheduled posts you may need to alter.

4) I monitor the posts through out the week, ESPECIALLY when I get notifications that someone has commented, shared, or re-tweeted my content. Making sure that you are responding and interacting with your viewers is essential to creating a following.


I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions for me, Please comment below. I love researching and chatting about this topic, so bring on the conversation!


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