5 Reasons to try Stand-up Paddle Board AKA SUP – By Vanessa Ragains

5 Reasons to try Stand-Up Paddle Board AKA SUP

1) Exercise: Did you know you can burn up to 500 calories just balancing (No Paddling) on a SUP board, and up to 1000 calories if you paddle? Pretty groovy, right? This is a wonderful activity that is fun, yet incredibly beneficial to your health!

2) SUP/Yoga: Not only can you paddle for exercise, you can do Yoga on the Paddle board. Talk about balance, no pun intended! Imagine yourself on the SUP board and being guided through a sequence of Yoga asanas while you join the ocean in all its magnificence.

3) Relaxing: During SUP class you will find a sense of serenity on the water. It is one of the main reasons I enjoy SUP so much. You can enjoy an hour or two on the water, and when your feet hit the sand, you will feel rejuvenated!

4) Marine Life: Whenever I SUP in the Marina, I see at  least 2 Sea lions, many pelicans, and plenty of other awesome coastal animals that you don’t normally see. If you have a camera, it is an excellent way to capture the experience of your epic SUP day!

5) It’s F-U-N FUN: Every time I have the opportunity to SUP, I always wonder why I don’t do it more often. SUP is one of the ways that I am able to handle the responsibility of running a business. So if you have a crazy schedule like I do, then SUP is a wonderful way to escape the Chop-Chop Schedule and find a new way to handle your tension!

Vanessa Ragains

(650) 516-7441



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