5 Reasons I use a Massage Table vs Massage Chair in Corporate environments! – By Vanessa Ragains

Massage Table vs. Massage Chair 

1) MORE RELAXING: It is simply more relaxing to lay down while receiving massage then it is to be sitting up. The body is allowed to to relax while it reconnects the communication kinks that can be present when sitting for long periods of time!

2) ACCESS TO FRONT OF BODY: When receiving massage in a chair, there is no way to access the front of the body where the majority of the alignment issues reside. For example: On a table the client can turn over on their back and the therapist can address the inward rotation of the clients shoulder which effects the elbow and into the wrist. This would not be able to be addressed thoroughly if using a Massage Chair.

3) PROPER MECHANICS: The Massage therapist is able to use proper body mechanics with a Massage table. The mechanics needed for Chair massage can be uncomfortable and the therapist may begin to modify in ways that will injure them over time.

4) COMFORTABLE FOR ALL BODY TYPES: A few years ago, I had to turn a client away (**embarrassing**) because he was simply too tall for the Massage chair. Because if this incident, I will only use my Massage table at events.

5) WHY MASSAGE IN A POSITION YOU ARE IN ALL DAY? My final reason for using the Massage Table vs. the Massage chair is that there is no benefit to massaging a client in a Massage chair since most Folks are in the “seated” posture at a desk/in the car all day anyway.  Again, being able to have each client lie down allows the therapist to visually see imbalances. With the Massage Chair, these imbalances can be hidden or the therapist may assume there are no imbalances to correct!

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