Favorite Business Tools for Be Mobile Wellness

Choose a path of Health and Wellness

Favorite Tools for Be Mobile Wellness!

With so many apps to choose from, and so much to keep up with in our hectic lives,

which ones can work FOR us?

Hi, Im Vanessa Ragains, Founder of Be Mobile Wellness, Where Corporate and Wellness Unite! Here, I will be discussing the apps that I use on a regular basis which I depend on solely for the Health of my business.

Be Mobile Wellness provides Wellness programs for Corporate Companies with services such as: Corporate Massage and Yoga Classes. These services are affordable and is a Superb way of showing your dedicated employees how much you appreciate their commitment to those heavy work-loads. It has been 18 months since I branched out on my own and below are the tools that support the growth of Be Mobile Wellness.

Here is how I manage all the Excitement:

Wave Apps: This is a wonderful Accounting tool that is FREE! They provide a beautiful dashboard showing your accounts, credit cards, and graphs of your monthly income. The Invoices are clean and professional. Wave also has a few “side” apps that I also use on my iPhone; Wave Payments, which allow you to take payments by just taking a picture of the customers Credit Card, their Invoice app allows you to simply make Invoices on the go. Lastly they also allow you to take pictures of your receipts every month and then your Tax Pro can support you during Tax season.

-Paid features include: 1099 (coming soon) and payroll ($5 per employee/Contractor)

Wunderlist: Do you have trouble keeping all your To-Do’s organized? This awesome tool gives you a FREE option to manage multiple categories and organizing them in List form. If you upgrade to the Pro version you can collaborate with Team Members. I believe I paid a total of $50 for the year! It has become a way for me to communicate on projects, ideas, and where I share our monthly Meeting Agenda so that everyone can have access to it.

Everypost: Just switched from Hoostuite to Everypost. The reason for my switch was that I found Hoostuite to be very busy for the type of work I do, and I did not seem to benefit from the other features they provide. Everypost is an iPhone app, soon to be a Desktop version which will be extremely useful for when I work from home. They have a clean interface and super use friendly. Love the app! Marketing on all my Social Media accounts at once is why this app has made it to this list. I am on the FREE account now but will probably upgrade in the near future to the $10 Basic Plan.

MileIQ: Math is NOT what I majored in! When this app came out, I though I had died and gone to Heaven! Truly, the one major thing I dreaded keeping track of was miles. I DRIVE TO CLIENTS ALL WEEK! I didn’t have time to track it and MileIQ does ALL of this for you! All you do is leave the app open and each week swipe right or left to indicate whether that “Drive” was Personal or Business related! BRILLIANT!

MindBody Online: I manage multiple calendars with complicated times. Finally, there is a software that is both user friendly as well as being able to have additional features such as Forms, Email/Text Notifications, and so much more that can make Scheduling an appointment simple. Everything can be color coded which is a huge plus!

Thank-you to the developers of these FABULOUS tools that support Small Business!


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