April Blog

Spring Break is Here!

Anatomy Nerd:

FUN Physical Fitness workouts:

SUP: You burn 250-500 per hour just standing on the board and balancing. If you start paddling  it  increases to 500-1000 calories per hour.

YOGA: This can vary in physical fitness. There are types of yoga that is more demanding on the body such as, Bikram Yoga. You can also increase the pace at which you move through the poses.

SURF: This is a Full body workout and I believe everyone should try it at least once!

KAYAK: This is a fantastic outdoor activity that can involve 2+ folks for a tour in Half Moon Bay or Santa Cruz.

SWIMMING: This is a full Body workout and requires body maintenance such as, Foam Roller, Yoga, and stretching that will support the demand this sport has on our bodies

…Spring is in the air

And your nasal passages have some adjusting to do!

Read how to support this shift in seasons in Medication/Hesitation


How to support allergies

– Use a Neti Pot daily to clear nasal passage

– Gently inhale steam

– Local massage to the chest with Mustard Oil


Ayurveda for Spring

Yoga Geek:



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