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Choose a path of Health and Wellness
Choose a path of Health and Wellness

Anatomy Nerd: Anatomically Speaking…

Our hearts are amazing! Here are some interesting facts about this fascinating organ:

Our hearts pump 100,000 times per day!

It takes 20 minutes for blood to circulate through entire body

Your heart never takes a break; its always pumping

Habits that may turn into serious Heart issues:

Sitting in front of the TV, Computer, and sitting at your desk with no breaks.

Lack of exercise

Eating Fast-food

Sitting in front of a screen, at a desk, with no breaks can increase your risk for blood clots, poor posture; which can lead to imbalances that will eventually cause pain in common areas such as the lower back, knees, shoulders and neck. Lack of exercise effects your heart by not supporting its main task which is to pump your blood. Lastly when you eat fast food, your heart could begin to build a thickening of the artery wall and/or plaque can build up in the arteries. This will put stress on the heart since it has to work harder to pump blood through a narrow artery due to the plaque.

If you choose activities and fuel (food) that are supportive to your health, your heart will be able to function thoroughly. Be good to your heart!

Check out upcoming Be Mobile Wellness Activities

Medication/Hesitation: Ayurveda Way

  1. To calm your heart nerves you can use Demeculent Herbs. These alleviate dryness and friction that irritates physiological function
  2. The use of Sage allows one to clear emotional obstructions from the mind and promote calmness and clarity. Reduces excessive desires and passions. Calms the heart, specifically.
  3. Hibiscus Flowers are used to help purify the blood, and supports menstrual difficulties such as heavy bleeding.

Click here for: SF Herb

Yoga Geek: Control of ones breath, controls the heart

When we are in control of our breath, we are in control of our heart!

  1. Relaxation breath work: 3:6 (Inhale to the count of 3, exhale to 6) You increase the ratio as your diaphragm strengthens.
  2. Alternate Nostril technique 
  3. Start hugging heart-to-heart (Literally!)

Yoga Pose of the Month: Couples Yoga

Couples Yoga Workshop – Feb 1,8,15 1:15 – 2:15 PM

Why Yoga ROCKS!

– Improves brain function

– Increase Flexibility

– Lowers stress levels

– Reduced chronic neck pain

..And many more!


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