January Blog

Choose a path of Health and Wellness
Choose a path of Health and Wellness!


Anatomy Nerd: Introduce yourself to YOU!

What is your New Years Resolution? How about you treat someone extra special this year, YOU!

With our hectic lives we lose our connection with ourself. Think about the last time you did something good for your well-being. If you do this on a regular basis, Fantastic! If not, here are a few simple ways to begin rebuilding your awareness of YOU!

  1. Start stretching every morning before you get ready
  2. Start using a foam roller daily – visuals are available on this site
  3. Start drinking more purified H20 – add flavor by adding cut up fruit!
  4. Schedule a beach day!
  5. Book a SUP class
  6. Book a Massage
  7. Take time to be active: join a active group, join a gym, walk your dog, try Planet Granite, attend a yoga class!

Medication/Hesitation: Ayurveda Way

Alterative Herbs: cleanse and purify the blood.

They produce the following general therapeutic effects;

  1. They purify the blood, removing toxins, and tend to have infectious, antibacterial action
  2. They help heal and resolve sores, boils, tumors and many kinds of cancers
  3. Typical alternatives work through cooling the blood and so also dispel fevers, reduce, Pitta and detoxify the liver
  4. The may be used externally on wounds, sores, ulcers, etc. and have anti-inflammatory and vinery properties.
  5.  With their detoxifying actions they help kill worms and parasites, particularly ones that invade the blood
  6.  They work well in factious, contagious disease and epidemics

(Reference: The Yoga of Herbs By Dr. David Frawley)

Yoga Geek: Beginner Meditation

The link above offers a way of practicing meditation locally in the bay area. I will be attending some classes here to Blog about my experiences.

Pose of the Month: Utkatasana (Chair Pose)Utkatasana-anatomy


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